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Intermediate Windsurfing- The Footstraps

Intermediate Windsurfing- The Footstraps

Not just there to carry the board, the straps help us blast at high speed in all water states.
This video goes through setup and technique to help you get in and get the most out the straps.
Big thanks to Neilson Holidays, Life Cinematic, Starboard Windsurfing and Tushingham Sails.
Filmed on Location at the Neilson Holidays resort of Ortakent in Turkey.
For further videos, clinics and coaching please check out sam-ross.co.uk
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  1. Just coming across your videos now Mr. Ross, they are incredible, thank you so much for all the hard work.

  2. Sthlm Surf Maffia

    I took screenshots of the two remembering guids at the end of this video, and had it with me everytime I went surfing. Allthough you fooled me with the missprinting at the back foot guide where you typed "Rig back as you put the FRONT foot in" instead of back foot. That was mean!

  3. just learned useing the footstraps without harness, now i plane easily but my arms need to take a tons of power
    so all for me left to learn is to gybe, tack and useing harness

  4. Hi Sam
    The audio in this video is not very good, I can barely hear you at 80% volume.

  5. In which order do I go out of the footstraps?

  6. Great video, but i had a question..you say that after we put our back foot to the back footstrap, we have the weight to both feet. But i've read that the weight must be only on the front foot and that our back foot must be flex without power. Is this true?

  7. I never succeed to enter front footstep first. I always crush forward or just being stopped I usually entering the back footdyrap tried to do what you saying .found it impossible.

  8. Sam – Is there any concern of foot injury using straps if you get catapulted with a foot still in the strap? Or should they be loose enough that you slide right out?

  9. Where can I get advice on what board and sail to buy in terms of size,weight, etc – intermediary level – I found a calculator that helps you, but I really need more help before I buy.

  10. Very helpful and clear. Thanks a lot!

  11. I got into both footstraps yesterday,
    I like to put the straps in the most forward positions since I am not so comfortable with very high speeds

    I liked the tips on getting in, but I never had any issues — by nature, I always waited until I had enough speed to put my front foot just in front of the strap – and then the back foot is a balance move

  12. Best explanation so far in the internet

  13. I will try this next time I go sailing.  I am always able to get into the back footstrap, but it's never this smooth.  It is usually a little rough.  Tipping the rig back and bodyweight forward makes so much sense, but I never thought of it. Thanks


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