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Swimming 101: How to Put on a Swim Cap

Swimming 101: How to Put on a Swim Cap

Do you have long hair? Ever struggle getting it into a swim cap? Watch our Masters Swimming 101 expert show you how in a few easy steps.
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  1. I put my hair in a ponytail


  2. It should be focused to both sexes, not only females. But good tutorial.

  3. Very helpful! Thank you and can you tell us what type of cap that is? Lycra? What is the material?

  4. Does this damage your hair??

  5. I have long thick hair because I just got crochet braid on I have natural hair plz helllpp

  6. My mom thinks those caps are to keep your hair dry XD

  7. ⱣħøŧøNɇǥɨŧɨvɇ

    I just look like i'm in some intense pain whenever i put on a swimming cap

  8. Just shove it in

  9. Great video. Thank you for posting!

  10. Niki's kids channel

    Hay thanks

  11. Thanks a bunch! I'm on swim team and when I compete and practice It took me forever to put my swim cap on, I didn't want to cut my hair short so..THANKSSSS!

  12. What are the conditioners?

  13. thank you very helpfull

  14. My 'Long Hair Cap' is so fucking tight!!! Do I just need to stretch it out overtime???

  15. thank you to teaching me

  16. a beautiful woman never mindswim cap dollbaby

  17. That's an okay way but it would get really tangled if the whole time you're just "shoving it in there". A better way would be to have a ponytail flipped over your head and put it on that way, or just do a bun and pull it over

  18. Why does this women stress me out so much? Lol great videos tho. I’m gonna try this out with dry hair.


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