Best Nike football boots for shooting, dribbling and touch? In today’s video, we take a closer look at which Nike football boots is the best for shooting, dribbling, passing and touch and comfort among the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12, Nike Phantom Vision, Nike Phantom Venom and Nike Tiempo Legend 7 football boots from the Nike Victory Pack which will be used for the Womens World Cup as well as Nations League and pre-season for the men’s footballers. In today’s play test and review, we take a look at all the Nike football boots to discuss which is the best for shooting, dribbling, passing and comfort to give you guys an idea about which of the Nike football boots you should buy depending on what you’re looking for, as JayMike will give you a summary of all the Nike boots in our latest Nike football boots play test with the Victory Pack.

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20 comentarios

  1. I have the superfly

  2. Isn't the touch by tiempos good?

  3. Ahem ….. wanna hear a joke?


  4. Ravihansa Senarath

    Unisport can I get your shirt with unisport logo plz

  5. How do I get to win the boot's

  6. Pause at 0:25

    There’s a Minecraft house in the back

  7. kaliste phillips

    Can you do a video like this for adidas please

  8. All cleats made this year are terrible

  9. wearing fg boots on an ag pitch then jaymike 🤪🤪

  10. X16.1 are the best for shooting

  11. I have same phamtom nike and for me its phamtom and phamtom venom

  12. AbdulRahman El-malah

    any boots from unisport it is so cool😘😀

  13. Mas-ood Abrahams

    Love the bots but to much money

  14. I've got the Phantom Venoms Pro and can attest to the fact that they are really good boots, but don't be fooled by all the marketing and "shooting areas" on your boot. It's all PR. What is really important when shooting the ball is how "stable" your feet are and Venoms are relly good in providing ancle lockdown. I know couse I also own a pair of Nemeziz 18.3 and while they are good for ball controll/first touch, my ancle goes all over the place while shooting…

  15. Best nike boots for dribling

  16. Victory pack is 🔥

  17. liverpoolfcfan10

    Do a how to play better right/left midflied

  18. Bro which adidass boots best for shooting the ball

  19. Nitya Sundur Bargayary

    How to make foot stronger?

  20. I like the top you're wearing. Where can i buy that


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