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Christopher Cross – Sailing (Official Audio)

You’re listening to the official audio for Christopher Cross – “Sailing” from his debut album ‘Christopher Cross’. “Sailing” reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1980 and won the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s).

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20 comentarios

  1. Steve Wright in the afternoon.. Wrighty played this to death. He was on BBC radio one at the time. Right at the top of his game. He still gives it the odd run out.. Beautiful tune.. Your mind just floats away.. Who wants a boat?

  2. yo deadass b my pops played this a lot when i was a kid. 21 now and whenever i cant put up w my anxiety i put this on and it all goes away. amazing what good music can do

  3. I have school today…this calms me down

  4. My family is Glean Sears G.O.V

  5. Came here to get away from the brain destroying trash being played today

  6. Dang..as soon as I heard this song, My mind went back to the very say i bought the cassette. I know where i was and when it was…Ft.Campbell Ky, 1981

  7. And not a single F*ck was given while listening to this classic.

  8. Salt water crimes will never happen. God Bless. Free Shamu.

  9. האני קולונה

    A video with a cute golden retriever dog brought me to this song, beautiful song, i love the 80's

  10. there is a magical peace in this song that makes everything in our world bad go away.if only we could live in this song 24/ 7

  11. i was about 7 years old living in NJ. I have Leukemia at the time. My mom would drive me to Sloan Kettering in NYC. She would have the radio on and this song would be playing. Thought it was a calming song back then since I did not like going to the Hospital.

  12. what a song ,i can't even describe the feeling this song brings to ones soul., it makes your soul wonder to a never land,,,,

  13. This is the song that DEFINED Yacht Rock.

  14. Donald Ray Murphy

    This song reminds me of growing up in the mid 80’s Riverside Ca. It’s funny how music can take you to a place in time.

  15. ɕȴɐʊȡɪɵ ɠoʈʇɒɾᶑɩ

    GOOSEBUMPS… His voice is like an angel.

  16. This song reminds me of meeting him for the first time. Actually, we did meet-up and eat in a food bazaar where this song was played by a band. Somehow, it is quite special to hear this song. 🙂


  18. Beautiful song it makes me cry

  19. Man! 40 years went PDQ!!

  20. marie angelle kotopeu



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