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Emotion Kayaks Sit On Top vs Sit Inside

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  1. Just ordered a sit on kayak at Walmart for$148 can't wait to have fun and get into shape.

  2. Went through about 10 videos on YouTube before I found yours to be very informative and right to the point thank you

  3. My old town sit in is extremely stable. 3/4 of my legs are exposed so easy in or out. Choosing the right one is mainly based on price. Not water temp or condition. I use my old town comfortibly when it's 90 degrees.

  4. hood great video

  5. mrsteamboatpowder

    Oh my lord !!! could they have chosen someone who has a drive for health enough that they can actually fit inside the kayak?

  6. FYI I had an Emotion Maverick. 12' sit upon kayak. It tracked very well but at 53 lb. it was very heavy for me to get it up onto my SUV. But, being polyethylene I could drag it to the water no problem. I eventually traded it in for a light weight 41 lb. sit in kayak that I can load easily myself bit I needed a kayak carrier to get it to the water. Keeps you warmer too in cooler weather with a spray skirt. 😃

  7. i have a fat ass will i fit in the sit on kayak

  8. longtrail Mckinney

    Do you think its wise to plug them holes or just let them open?

  9. Very helpful!! Thank you so much.

  10. If you want to use a sit-in and/or improve your skills, join a club for a year. Sit-in's are the best option generally. They are v dry if you know what to do.

  11. Thanks. Good info as I look for my 1st kayak to carry in a motor home.

  12. I'd prefer sit inside but I'd be scared incase I capsize.

  13. Do sit on top kayaks still move pretty good? I like all the other aspects of the sit on top kayaks, but I still would at least like to go a little fast.

  14. If you spill out of a SIK, you do not have to drag it to shore. You should have taken a course in survival prior to venturing out. Although quite a bit more difficult that getting back in a SOT, if can be done in about a minute.

  15. AleaderWaterShoes

    very interesting! I always wondered why it turned into the wind… very cool, thanks!

  16. This answered exactly the question I had. Recently stationed in Hawai'i. Sit on top is definitely what I want! Thanks!

  17. This is stupid it's like 50 dollar kyack a from Walmart

  18. Thank you answered all of my questions I had. Excellent video.

  19. Thank you. I've been looking for the basic differences for these two types, and you definitely helped with that.


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