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Nebraska vs Texas – NCAA 2015 Finals Women's Volleyball (Full Game HD)

Watch the FULL GAME of the Women’s Volleyball NCAA 2015 Championship game between Nebraska and Texas!
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20 comentarios

  1. Im in middle school and i play volley ball and were in torment play

  2. These women could beat some college mens team.


  4. Jaden Mullereticet


  5. Luck Is My Talent

    I am eleven years old, I have been playing volleyball ever since I can remember. I play club now and my team is good. When I watch these kinds of games it just makes me want to be as good as them, and work hard for my goals.😍🏐

  6. Now cook is about to play for his 4 national championship. Hoping for 4-1!

  7. John Darell Harrison Harrison

    great lake deserve game.play right

  8. I've never played softba but I am next year and watching this makes me wanna play more

  9. They make me feel so short😂 and I am 5'10

  10. 4:34 the like judge called it in tho

  11. The time gives it away😭

  12. 18:09 dude was holding the sign upside down 😂😂

  13. Did anyone see Haley Eckerman earlier in the video?

  14. julia fledderjohn

    nebraska has some really ugly players

  15. Rеeееaаааllу grееаt moоoоviееее. I foоund it hеrе => https://twitter.com/bb0540cf2d2b6e019/status/872638292398809088

  16. Kent Charls Baquero

    At 2:22 Why is the libero allowed to serve? As far as I know only the spikers except liberos could serve. Answer please😉

  17. Being honest, only came here because of Haikyuu.

  18. Cool channel!

  19. Volleyball is an awesome sport


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