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How Much It Cost To Buy And Refit Our Sailboat ⛵

In this video we give you the cost breakdown on buying and refitting our 1983 Hunter 34 Sailboat. We did all of the restoration ourselves, and we hope this video gives you an idea of how much it’ll cost to do something similar for your own DIY sailboat projects.

Our total cost was the amount we spent getting our boat ready for launch day, and making sure it’s sailable after being on the hard for three years with no maintenance. As with all sailboats, there’s always more work to be done!

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20 comentarios

  1. Oh! You guys shirts are awesome!
    Thanx for this episode and the info. 👌

  2. Ethan.Guidry56 *

    Is it easy to fish on tjat boat

  3. Илья Калинин

    Hello! Pls explain me, your boat costs ~19 000 plus refit 18 000? Yes? Or it’s total boat +refit is 18000?

  4. Jerry Brown Travels

    Great video your video is excellent and keeps me totally engaged and curious what will come next.
    We also have a YouTube video channel (Jerry Brown travels) so I'm always interested in good videos. Thank you and keep doing what you do it's appreciated by all. What's the next adventure? Let me know I'm curious

  5. CSG Yacht Carpentry

    Nice people. Nice video.

  6. Really good, you should be so proud! May I suggest that before you dump more money into the boat! Consider small fixes on stove and refrigerator then sale the boat. You should be able to recover all your money and buy a newer boat…..34 Hunter 1995 to 2000 are going for 35k average, some are at 30k. You can only get so much out of a older boat before you start losing money…. The key is upgrade by doing exactly what you just did. Before you know it, you might buy a boat from Italy or Greece and flip it for a nice profit. Just buy and fix then sail it to Delaware to re-registered and pay taxes. I have done it 3 times and made just over 54k after all travel, repairs, taxes. Boats are just more expensive in the U.S. almost 20 to 30 thousand on 36 to 39 ft boats. It was easier the second and third time because I already had local documents from the first time. I now own a 2008 35.5 Hunter with all the bells and whistles. Why a 35ft? It's much cheaper repairs, morning, dockage, sails are abundance and plenty of room for 3 or 4 during 1 month Bahamas vacation. This was one way that I thought would just share. Safe winds fellow sailors!

  7. Thank you I appreciate the honesty

  8. You guys did the refit fairly inexpensive. I just hope it is safe for a Blue Water Sailing. Update your solar system. Install an induction cook top. It’s safer than LP besides LP isn’t always easy to find and you have to have a bunch of different adaptors outside America and Canada.

  9. I just bought my first boat and plan on starting my refit within the month! This video has my hopes up that I haven’t gotten in over my head. I got a 1983 hunter 34 for 7000usd so I feel I’m off to a good start!

  10. What is a refit ?? Just remodeling the boat ?

  11. Finally! someone escaping the "rat race", with the budget of someone that would actually be on the "rat race". ( just found this vlog, gathering some valuable information 🙂 ) you seem very down to earth and really cool, keep it up!

  12. Wow you guys did well should have years of enjoyment…..new subscriber

  13. Sailing Morning Star

    Thanks for sharing! This was very helpful!

  14. "We had a low budget, extremely low budget" …. buy a $19,500 boat.

  15. Constable Benton Fraser

    I liked this video. I am from U.K but pretend to be my favourite Canadian on youtube, maybe you know him. Anyway lots of love from U.K to your family, thank you for an inspiring video. 🙂

  16. Nice video, this is the most interesting thing for all those people thinking to start a project like this, of course every older boat has its own issues, but it gives an idea of what it could cost and what the issues can be on an older boat, nicely done.

  17. Excellent job on the negotiating. Its so easy to lowball with boats.

  18. Smart choices and good work.

  19. Great info. Thanks.


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