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Twilight – 125 foot luxury super yacht

“Twilight” is a 125 foot luxury super yacht available to charter.

Oyster 125 by Dubois Logo Flybridge Version. Flybridge sailing yachts are a relatively new concept and, until the introduction of the flybridge version of the Oyster 125 by Dubois, were to be found only on 48m (160 ft) yachts and above. The Dubois design office already has a number of flybridge yachts on the water, including Tiara at 54.3m (178ft) and Kokomo at 51.7m (169ft).

With this experience, the Dubois team has been able to finesse the design of the Oyster 125 to capture all the benefits of this concept and match them within a well-balanced, good-looking profile.
This flybridge uses the same superstructure as the Raised Saloon but also offers an upper flybridge with twin helms, lounge, wet bar and sunbathing area.

At approx 200 tonnes lightship displacement, the Oyster 125 by Dubois is a very substantial superyacht, offering a stunning performance in absolute comfort.
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  1. I just like boaty boats–this looks like something Agent X4 would take over an evil island with. It's replete with bland Four Seasons hotel decor and where's the inevitable shipboard mess of a family in this baby? Wet bathing suits? Dogs? The stuff of life? I like portholes, comfy settees and nautical charts on the walls.

  2. BenjaminFranklin99

    Lovely, but monohull sailing yachts and marconi rigs are both obsolete.

  3. Heder Pinheiro Técnico Eletromecânica

    Nusssa esse barquinho é demais da conta…

  4. John Calvin Hall

    How stupid can this be? You show the bed rooms and not the salon or galley or the pilot house? That isn't smart!

  5. Perfection.

  6. Absolutely majestic.

  7. what a beautiful boat

  8. How can this possibly be an Oyster 125 when the 118 has never been finished?

  9. what you can buy when you sell arms to the American military-industrial complex

  10. Would have been nice to see the inside.

  11. Do you have the blueprints or plans of r this

  12. What is music in video ?

  13. Absolutely a beautiful ship!!

  14. Yes, simply beautiful music! What is the name of it please?

  15. such a worthy craft. I'd be happy sailing her from the San Juan Islands to Cabo, and back. Forever.

  16. I'd take a bigger but less luxurious boat if I had the cash.

  17. Boat by bow?

  18. These billionaires are doing it all wrong, that's the kind of boat you put a crow's nest at the tippy top.

  19. Ok guys lets Gybe and Keel the boat over so it touches the water ok!


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