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Winter Park: Everything That's Right With Municipal Golf

The No Laying Up gang hit the road (and the rails) to check out Winter Park GC, a nine-holer near Orlando.

Winter Park Golf Course has had a special place in my golfing heart since 2010, when it was really the only place I could afford to play during an unpaid internship in Orlando. Since then, it’s undergone a massive overhaul that helps provide a model for what municipal golf should be in the United States.

For my Special Ops project this month, I wanted to shine some more light on a place nearby that deserves all the accolades we have to give.

– DJ Piehowski

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Executive Producer: DJ Piehowski
Associate Fuccboi: Neil Schuster

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20 comentarios

  1. I took the train to PInehurst in 2019 and it was glorious lol

  2. Played WP9 2 days ago. Awesome experience – you guys nailed it with your video. Quality, strategic, accessible, affordable golf in the middle of town. Keep up the awesome work guys

  3. Being a listen and now watching y’all on YouTube. This video is my favorite content on your YouTube channel. Being a Florida local you guys being based in Florida or south east USA. Be cool seeing more videos showcasing Florida’s or regions local affordable holes. Great work guys.

  4. you guys play the friday scramble yet?

  5. Simply one of the best golf videos on the internet

  6. 5:40 is that a shoreacres belt? Live right near there and have a couple friends that are members

  7. I live in Orlando. Definitely checking this out soon.

  8. More Randall!!!!!

  9. The Sesh Is Never Over

    Reminds me of the place I started in the UK. Briggens Park golf club in Hertfordshire. 9 holes with 18 tees 5498 yds. Still pop back every now and then, the simplicity of the places is wonderful. The course is on private land & owner so does not need the income, I can imagine 1 or two greenskeepers. Great memory’s thanks for the video

  10. I've watched this multiple times. My favorite video from you guys thus far.

  11. Very Cool. Glad the City got around to doing it for that community.

  12. Brent Hutchinson

    Bro, this was my home muni growing up!!!!!!!! A lot of history there . Great video Go W.P

  13. winter haven , FLA.

  14. loved video. would be more interesting if you showed what food you ate and what gay bars you went to.

  15. be a man. carry your clubs

  16. Great video. This is why I love golf

  17. Great vids guys! Especially like the vids where you guys try out different courses – like this one here and the Streamsong one! Keep showing us great courses!

  18. Man Ive lived in Oviedo (15-20 mins away) for five years and never played here. I’ll definitely be checking it out soon.

  19. I learned to play on this muni back in the mid oughties while going to Rollins College, Loved this course then, love it now.

  20. Watching the video was like going back in time I played there one time when I lived in Florida. If you guys ever get to August Georgia you've got to play the Cabbage Patch it's the way golf used to be


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