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Life On An Epic Sailboat In Japan

People don’t often associate Japan with life on a sail boat but the country is rich with incredible places to explore via the great ocean. Daniel Springett and his family of 5 (plus a dog) have been traveling the world on their stunning 55ft James Warram designed Catamaran but for the last couple of years have called the Inland Sea of Japan home.

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  1. No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1

    Its a wreck. fire ball waiting to happen… no harm

  2. I totally agree

  3. Wonderful craft. Charming atmosphere.

  4. A unique boat that looks like a maintenance nightmare tbh.

  5. Nice house boat. Polynesian is not a country, it's a region full of countries. Tiare maybe Cook Island or Tahitian?

  6. Priyankapurushottam Mali

    The boat is beautiful 😍😍😍😍but I'm afraid to water😵😓 I cant even stand on… Because I fell like i will be get in to the water.. Or it will pull me 😞

  7. I’m curious if you are about to follow up on this family.

  8. Wow it's really cool man. It would be awesome to watch kinda more same videos.

  9. Love u Bryce..u r incredible…good wishes from the bottom of 💓

  10. A friend of mine bought a 40' cat and doing a similar thing, just getting experience cruising Australia & NZ atm…We all thought he was nuts at first..But now we're all quietly envious..Great show, one of the better cruising shows.

  11. Are Tiki sets down just fine until the next tide

  12. We are newbies we bought the boat in Australia and selling North Northwest now we're in broom the tides her enormous thank God we don't have a singlehull.

  13. Family is our home not a specific place❤

  14. Quite the education for the children.

  15. To live on a boat. Wondering if there any payments to pay.

  16. Hey, why don't you make a video blog of sailing around Japan's coast and also coast of Korea too. I heard Korea is building lots of marinas and are rapidly developing its coast to make it very friendly towards sailing. There are absolutely no info about sailing around that corner of the world.

  17. A special hi to Daniel and his family from Pat in okinawa,still busy on all deliveries,next week delivery from florida to guam 42ft cat be back in okinawa on dec 2018 ,stay in touch

  18. Interesting deck pods. I think the Wharram design philosophy was to not have big above deck fixtures but the curved walls of the galley make it more feasible, and I guess being a 50 footer it can take it. Full respect for being a family man and still being out there living it in style.

  19. damn, i want to do this too

  20. Sorry for a second the Australian accent threw me off with dick space.


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