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2017 9u Global World Series Championship – Lake Charles, LA

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  1. Niños de 9 años tirando picheos rompientes curvas no bueno

  2. DirtbikeDude 150

    All travel ball teams use shaved bats to hit dingers ,,,, Google bat shaving service. Com they all cheat

  3. Chandler Aldridge

    9:50 was a nasty pitch

  4. The banditos do not play real baseball real baseball is when you don’t throw it to first when it is hit to right field so

  5. So sad to see 9 year olds throwing curveballs, wouldn’t be surprised if he can’t pitch or even throw a ball by the age of 14-15

  6. Ima be real some kids can’t even hit on the team

  7. Once the pitcher who threw breaking is in high school his arm probably going to be fucked throwing breaking balls that young. When I was that young breaking balls were NEVER supposed to be thrown during a game. It was pretty much all fastballs

  8. My team just one the 13u New Zealand nationals

  9. Banditos' catcher carries himself like a little pro already… Super impressive!

  10. 9 throwing curves his arm will be shot

  11. TOSTITOS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Se puso bueno el juegito

  13. First batter watches to many Domingo Ayala videos

  14. The pitchers shouldn’t be throwing breaking balls they are 9

  15. First pitcher of the game threw GAS

  16. I had a World Series here in 2016

  17. I had a World Series here in 2016

  18. Hit my first dinger here🐐

  19. These kids act like there in college


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