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Getting kids into SUP / How to video

Getting kids into SUP can be a great fun way to get kids outdoors and on the water for the first time. When done right it’s not only great fun but also a great way to increase their water confidence as well as balance and coordination. 

We’ve seen it firsthand ourselves with our 4 year old izzy. On a board almost before she could walk, starting off sitting on the front, Izzy can now paddle along on her own with confidence.

Having kids that enjoy the sea is no doubt every paddleboarders dream. But how do you go about getting kids into SUP and confident in the water? Here are our tips that we’ve learnt.

Do it right and you could have the best paddle buddy you could ever wish for!
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  1. Atasak Nantasomboon


  2. Great tips, thanks! Hope to have our grandchild on the water when they come out to visit us here in New Zealand this December.

  3. Very good! Ill be sharing this one onto me wife to help rev us up and be confident to get our 4 and 2 yr old girls on top the water this summer holidays in the Golden bays (top of south island NZ). Your wee girl is a super styling!


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