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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography TRAILER (2012) – Skateboarding Documentary Movie HD

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Bones Brigade: An Autobiography TRAILER (2012) – Skateboarding Documentary Movie HD

When six teenage boys came together as a skateboarding team in the 1980s, they reinvented not only their chosen sport but themselves too – as they evolved from insecure outsiders to the most influential athletes in the field.


Stacy Peralta

Nadine Brown
Penny Edmiston
Cecy Rangel


Joshua Altman


Ric Markmann

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19 comentarios

  1. Da Bones Brigate, acho que só o Tony Hawk e o Caballero vieram ao Brasil. Uma pena que o Mullen ainda não veio.

  2. Great vid, had all the tapes lol. true masters of their art.

  3. I grew up knowing these guys, Lance was my fav ( veriflex! put my first real board on layaway for soooo long… it was beautiful – purplish with a knight) WOW seeing them all now, I realize the were all my favs <3 I really loved this doc <3 Make more with the same team!!

  4. Can i hug cab?he makin me cry

  5. Met rodney mullen today

  6. Awesome. Addicted to this documentary

  7. When I started skating the Bones Brigade were the ONLY crew, they were the originals.  I saw my first Bones Brigade video and I was hooked, I became an all out skateboarder and quit trick biking.  For my first board I bought a Vision Mark Gonzales skateboard and a couple of Vision street wear shirts and it was official, I was a skate punk!  But I ended up buying pretty much every Bones board except the Rodney Mullin model, which was too small for me. 

    My favorite was the Caballero because I was a street skater who learned ramp skating.  I was always a street skater first and the Caballero worked the best for me on the streets.  I felt that the Tony Hawk board was a little too big for street skating, it was more for ramp skating.  But 'The Search for Animal Chin' was like my teenage skating video Bible, me and my friends watched it and tried to emulate their moves.  This was a great documentary, I must admit that I got teary eyed…     

  8. OberynTheRedViper

    What's the song at the end of the trailer?

  9. best of the best. For me Rodney Mullen is like god of freestyle

  10. Hosoi did ride for bones brigade


  12. I think it makes its debut at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach

  13. Why no Hosoi ???

  14. It feels like I am going to cry like a Bo os

  15. real heroes….legends….SALUTE!!!

  16. PlayStationFuture

    I missed them so much long time skate… Today few skate over?

  17. My friends seen it like 3 times already



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