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CALLAWAY FULL BAG FITTING (Insane Facility) | Brodie Smith Golf

CALLAWAY FULL BAG FITTING (Insane Facility) | Brodie Smith Golf

Kelsey surely misses out on a fun day in San Diego with Callaway!
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Huge thanks to Callaway Golf for this amazing experience at the Ely Callaway Performance Center (ECPC). I absolutely love my Rogue Sub Zero Driver and 3 wood with the jailbreak technology. I went with the Xforged irons and currently using the Chrome Soft golf ball. Thanks also to my fitter John Degen for getting me the perfect fit!

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20 comentarios

  1. Brodie Smith Golf

    Guys I have another lesson tomorrow with Jordan Spieth's swing coach Cameron McCormick! Will be filming it!

  2. What song is playing in the background??

  3. My farthest drive was 340 in the air

  4. Such a dream. Hope to be here or at a different facility one day

  5. Damien O'Connell

    Go on tour

  6. I love Callaway Golf Clubs!! They are awesome. 😎

  7. One time me and my friend was at the range and he had to go to the toilet. I wanted to try his 5 iron. So i tried and the club head flew off

  8. Been watching all your new vids. Your swing has improved a lot in a year.

  9. Now he would have apex irons and epic flash woods😂😂

  10. Ryan Batacandolo

    What up Andrew luck

  11. You could probably slow down your swing a touch get more accuracy and still have a higher club head speed then the tour average haha

  12. Anbody know what the song is in the first couple minutes?

  13. Custom will take you for ride you’ll never recover from

  14. Can someone tell me what all of this costed?

  15. How much would a set like that cost you being fitted

  16. Life could not be better! Tee it up.

  17. If you been playing with the old clubs for 5 years and played when you were a kid, why did you tell Jon rham and the club owner that you've only been playing for a year?

  18. Caleb Williams Golf

    I’m just bugging over a 7 iron clubhead speed of 108….


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