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Ranking History of Top 10 Women's Tennis Players (1987 – 2018)

Top 10 ranked women’s tennis players from 1987 to 2018.


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  1. As many have noticed, Seles was not American citizen until 1994. I got my data from https://www.wtatennis.com/players/player/190141/title/monica-seles 
    As you can see, only the current nationality is available through the website. Unfortunately, I didn't do enough research on my end either. My apologies to those feel offended. I will fix this issue in the next update.

  2. Populous3 Tutorials

    what program used to insert data and make this moving graphs?

  3. SERENA : – The undisputed G.O.A.T.

  4. Monika najbolja

  5. 2019 : Halep wins Winnebledon

  6. graf, graf, graf, graf…..377 weeks number one. i' m not sure someone can surpass this record

  7. ロジャーフェデラー


  8. 2020 is when South chorea will dominate Tennis.

  9. The race between Kim and Justine in their early years was amazing.

  10. Where is czech?

  11. Parodias Made By Imanol - Canal Oficial

    I'm proud of Halep because she won her first Wimbledon championship a few days ago

  12. Seles was number one, I have no words.

  13. Martina Navrátilová was a czech player

  14. Tiziano Van der Elst

    Belgian strenght in 2003🇧🇪🔥

  15. In her prime 2002, I think nobody could bet Serena, she was strong, fast and mentaly like Đoković. But that Serena never come back, all after that was just some moment of Serena in 2002. Just look her at final in Wimbledon 2019, she hardly make few steps in match, 10kg overweight and mentaly like Zvonareva.

  16. pennetta e vinci ❤️💟💚

  17. Monika Seles is from Serbia

  18. Dumitru Daniel Stama

    2 09 2014 Halep entry in top ten,and she stay here until today!

  19. What happened to Seles was so sad


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