Longboard or Cruiser? Doesn’t matter…the most fun way to get around campus is with a board and your friend. However you choose to cruise, a skateboard will make your day awesome.

– Drop Cat 33 Illuminacion

Drop Cat 33 Illuminacion

– Tugboat Midnight Snek

Tugboat Midnight Snek

Dave Leslie

Steven Vera and Stephen Vaughn

“First Date” and “Doubt” by SVINT MVRCUS

“SL500” by carol mellow

Find the board for you!


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  1. This is really nice to watch ❤️chilling and having a good time sweet

  2. Shichibi no Raijuu

    I want to start skateboarding but there is one serious issue that stops me. Should I take the snake design or the yellow longcat design? Or maybe a pug? UH WHY IS IT SO HARD PLEASE HELP ME TO DECIDE.

  3. woooool brailizian music 0:49, i love this video, hugs from Brazil! 🇧🇷

  4. but what kinda board was the camera man on?

  5. wow i want a friendship like this

  6. This is advertising done right

  7. Proof you can have fun on stock boards

  8. every single time i see you guys skate im like "thats a nice spot . . . oh thats a nice spot . . . that one as well."

  9. Mathias Grigoletto

    The back sound is in Portuguese?

  10. hello, wow really home once I see one of his videos I want to skate unfortunately never had the opportunity to do it but I don't lose the
    Illusion of trying, I love your videos, they are really the best with your videos I can imagine skating 🛹🛹👋🏻

  11. Why do their legs look like spaghetti?

  12. Turn on captions at 2:20

    Once the cream hardens trick that pigtail huh 😂😂😂

  13. is it super hard to powerslide or is it easy but super sketchy to learn?

  14. Drop Hammer or Ripper for cruising to school and around the city

  15. 4:17 teach meeeeeee

  16. 2:32 whattttt?! Teach me

  17. So are these guys dating or what

  18. Bruh I thot that was Justin escalona

  19. Música BR cadê os br nessa poha


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