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SWIM MEET VLOG: day in the life of a student athlete

SWIM MEET VLOG: day in the life of a student athlete

what are high school swim meets really like?

you guys seemed to like my last swim meet blog, so I decided to do another one!!! my high school swimming career is actually almost over RIP, but I’m excited!!! today, I;m showing you a full day in the life of a high school student athlete!!

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  1. Cool vid! We are swimmers, check out our Youtube channel!

  2. The question is: Did she end up going to school the next day?

  3. The 6 Crazy Classicos

    She ties to act like Emma chamberlain

  4. I hate the 100 free idk why I just hate sprinting it

  5. I only do medly relay 200 free relay a 50 free and a 50 back I’m ten

  6. do you do m or yds? I swim a 23, 50 yd free

  7. I wanna try swim this year but I’m so afraid cause I’ve never done it

  8. Mariana Chirino Rueda

    My time for the 50 was 33 you guys are goooood

  9. Meet day is the best day. Always wanted to do a meet Vlog

  10. My coach made me do a 600 for warm up, a 200 fly, a 50 breaststroke, 50 butterfly, 50 back, and a 200 IM. I’m so tired 😴

  11. i LOVE your channel <3333
    also guys im a small college student-athlete (swimming!!) youtuber and i would love it if you checked out my channel !!! 💛

  12. 200 free is hard bro i'm like 12 and i have to swim 200 br and like 400 fr and 400 IM

  13. Random question but who tf invented butterfly? Like who was like "You know what would make trying not to drown in water more fun? Making sure it's so much harder than it has to be and by the end you feel like someone is sewing your hands, back and legs together while you are swimming." Like calm down Satan. No one asked you.

  14. Ik that school it’s klein Cain it’s in my district and I swam there but their pool sucks

  15. I just swam a 32.44 for a 50 fly
    Edit: I just swam a 31 today

  16. Bro my first swim meet is tomorrow and I have a 50 breaststroke which isn’t super bad except that I suck at breaststroke

  17. I swam the 100 free yesterday and holy crap I died

  18. I’m on my second year of swimming and my 50 FR is 32.09

  19. Luna the puppy’s Mom/Bff

    I have the first meet of 2019 tonight. Ugh. Im swimming the 25 free and the 25 butterfly

  20. When your summer meets are 4 hours long but the winter ones are 10


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