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Hopkins vs. Wayzata girls High School Volleyball

Hopkins vs. Wayzata girls High School Volleyball

Recorded 9-6-2018



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  1. 35:55 why is no one talking about how good that float serve was

  2. i love how people say that volleyball "isnt a hard sport". well, in your sport, do you have to run cross court, pass a GOOD ball and run back to your position in 3 seconds.

  3. Why do they put their hand like that when the serve the ball? I play volleyball and that’s not how your supposed to put your hand they out their hand behind their head and twist it but I’m not sure

  4. why is the will guy So good?

    Damn… I really wish I Tried our for volleyball, I really love this sport but I’ve never had experience playing it and it’s too late for me to try now since I’m already a freshmen :/

  5. Imagine your school getting funding like theirs

  6. i hate to be that person but both teams need more work on communication, consistency, and receiving balls. like their hits are great, it’s just the other things that play into it as well.

  7. No wonder Hopkins lost there libero can’t pass a ball

  8. ThisAccountIsWierd


  9. The libreos were not the strongest

  10. ok but tht 7th grade setter be doubling a lot😐

  11. Dang I wish my schools allowed middle schoolers to play up like that😔 i woulda been all up in that business working my buns off

  12. Sophie’s Vlogs

    This is making me miss volleyball I have to wait till fall ughhhhhh

  13. Hopkins Libero is disappointing

  14. Why isn't anyone talking about how the shorts keep getting shorter on girls ? Why do guys get to wear longer shorts and girls need to wear little bloomers 🤷‍♀️ when my daughter gets older and if she choses to play I will See about that being a choice . I won't have her wearing something that looks like panties while guys get to cover up.

  15. Wait, how old are these girls?

  16. I was a varsity starter by the time I was in 8th grade, and it’s very common for schools to allow middle school if they are advanced enough.

  17. I just started watching volley ball videos and games after reading haikyuu lol 😂

  18. Um trying out for team

  19. hopkins’ libero #5 is NOT a good libero


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