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Tennis Channel Live: 2019 Wimbledon Women's First Round Popcorn Matches

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  1. Does it really Matter

    LETS GOOOO VENUS!!!!!! We love you and have been watch all year for this.

  2. I have some concerns about Venus, though. Is she on a cocktail of drugs , including performance enhancers, to overcome her immune deficiency illness? Does she have an exemption for using the drugs due to her medical condition? The extreme High's and lows in her game look drug related, or it could just be the results of the disease. I just hope she's protecting her long term health.

  3. Is Cori Venus' secret daughter? To me she looks like The young Venus!! I saw her picture , and I thought it was Venus. What time is that match?

  4. I would have liked to see Coco play another in her first round. I want her to win, but I want Venus to win also. I"M SO CONFUSED!

  5. These matchups are terrible this year

  6. beloved child#Godislove

    Let's go Venus!

  7. Jermano Mayfield

    Let's go Queenus!

  8. If Venus shows the level she had against Wang Qiang and for part of the first set against Barty in Birmingham, Venus should win. That was flawless ballstriking….However, this has to be a nerve wracking match for Venus, who is still trying to hang tough to qualify for another olympics.

  9. Its gonna be a gooood match that's all I'll say 🤐

  10. gauff and putintseva both win

  11. Take her down Vee, show her how great she could be one day lol

  12. #teamvenus queen of Wimbledon grass court tennis


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