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Fantasy Baseball 2019 Live Mock Draft | MLB | Rotoworld

Our Rotoworld experts participate in a 12-team fantasy baseball mock draft ahead of the 2019 MLB season.

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Fantasy Baseball 2019 Live Mock Draft | MLB | Rotoworld

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20 comentarios

  1. Is it me or these guys bored me to death 😣

  2. Did Tatis really not get drafted at all. LOL

  3. Need a 1B off ww.. P./Y. lonzo, Flores, ohearn, hanram, Thames, mchamon, bour? Thx I need 💪. Franmil or Domingo? Thx

  4. ryan boyer is the DEFINITION of being on tilt during this entire draft. every pick he makes he based on fear.

  5. Got screwed over with 1st pick over all. Had to take Trout I guess. If he doesn’t finish top 3 I’m gonna lose it.

  6. 4 sps in the top 14 picks and 8 sps in the first 2 rounds lol that's just bad how do I get in a league with these guys they are very exploitable, veryyyyy .

  7. Excellent broadcast! Thank you!

  8. Love Scott!

  9. Corey Seager isn't even in their top 10 SS??
    Did they forget he's 6'4, 220 with elite discipline and a great lineup? :-O

  10. I got Scherzer 11 and Sale

  11. lol people talking about trout being a philly in 2 years

  12. Luke Voit the 7th best 1st basemen….??? Really??

  13. Acuña over Yelich is straight foolish

  14. Worst draft ever

  15. My top 3 were Arenado degromm and freeman

  16. I wish people would take Trey Turner top 5 in my draft with 3 SPs. Yelich is wayyy to high as well. These guys are nubs.

  17. Clayton Courtney

    15 minutes in and I have a couple of observations:

    Why is there this myth that a player, like Chris Archer, will do better with a "full season in the NL"? Is it that because of the pitcher hitting they will get a lot more strikeouts? Well in 2018 NL teams had an 8.6 K/9 and the AL had an 8.5 K/9. What that means in that in order for the NL pitcher to get one more strikeout than his AL counterpart he would need to pitch 90 innings. The same goes for HR/9. The AL has a 1.2 HR/9 rate and the NL has a 1.1 HR/9. So for the AL pitcher to give up an extra home run he would have to pitch 90 innings.

    At 14:58
    Another thing that was mentioned was a Roto v H2H comment. The comment was that in H2H you "want the more stable guys with the H2H format". You don't need the more stable player because the roto team will "get the stats in the end". The H2H comment was "in head to head it can put you in a hole early on".

    A bad week for a player in H2H that you still win the game is irrelevant. It is ONLY bad if you also lose the game and only if you would have won IF the guy played normal. If you would have lost even if your guy played well then his performance is also irrelevant. If I had known about the bad week beforehand I could have replaced him with a better player but still lost. Several streaky player on a H2H team might help as if one falters the other might be on a hot streak.

    On the other hand, if you have a streaky player in a Roto league the impact is much different. A bad week by a streaky player in roto stays with my team all year long. I am constantly trying to make that up. If I had known about the bad week beforehand I could have replaced the player and had better stats at the end of the season.

  18. I was fapppin during the entire draft

  19. Fire Pianowski! I like my fantasy baseball projectionists to be nerdier than that!

  20. You don’t “need a catcher”. Take a pitcher with upside instead


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