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2016 Home Run Derby | MLW Wiffle Ball

The 7th Annual Major League Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby!

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20 comentarios

  1. Guys I know our field is tiny and I wish it was bigger too. We can't make it much bigger cause of our neighbor's yard and our big ass tree in the way lol

  2. Thw bat Daniel used was literally a metal bat

  3. Who is here in 2019

  4. That ball is driven home run

  5. The blond boy in the begging is cute that’s what my sister said😊

  6. My sister said you are cute

  7. How many fields are there

  8. Good stuff! Just starting my two young boys out on Wiffle Ball. Showed them your video. They like it.

  9. I'm 8 years old and I can hit wiffle balls farther than you. You are absolutely pathetic

  10. You guys are
    Men but play wiffle ball ensted of baseball

  11. Braulio Zacarias

    No saben jugar

  12. MaCK Witt Da Cheeze

    That trees gotta go man…ruins every game

  13. Move the fences to 125 ft. thats way too close

  14. What brand or model of bats are you using? Does blitzball travel farther than wiffle ball? Thanks

  15. Do you know this messes up your swing?

  16. Shannon Safewright

    Guy's I can hit homeruns for days ⚾️

  17. It's such a short fence

  18. What till you see the meadows it’s much better

  19. Alexander Wieseman

    I know


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