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How to Calculate Slugging Percentage and OPS

How to Calculate Slugging Percentage and OPS

A look at slugging percentage and on base plus slugging.
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  1. Wait, cant SLG % belower because the player doesnt run fast? Honest question.

  2. Ridiculous statistic. Just determine how good their OPS is, then look at their SLG……..it's just a shortcut, making people even lazier.

  3. such a good explanation.  awesome job

  4. Great suggestion, I'll see what I can do.

  5. It would be pretty close to softball, unless the defense asks the umpire for timeout (which you can do if the ball is in the infield and not in the middle of a play) the runners can run whenever they want to.

    But like we've said, the runner probably won't run if the ball is close.

  6. No, the defense is not really forced to do anything.

    Yes you can steal if the batter swings, but not if he hits a foul ball. The runner has to go back to the base he started on if there is a foul ball.

  7. Yes, the runner could have tried to run to third base if he wanted to. Because the defense got the ball back to the infield, though the runner stopped at second base because he did not want to risk getting tagged out.


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