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Surf world series gameplay on PS4

New surf game, and the only surf game iv ever seen. Its Surf World Series, published and developed by Climax Studios.
Its due to release on August 29th 2017.

Just ps4 gameplay of a fool making lots of mistakes. If you enjoy watching me die repeatedly then subscribe to the channel.
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  1. conspiracies are just great stories

    I've been waiting for a new surf game for years. I was a massive fan of Transworld surf on ps2 and played that game every day for 2 years…Kelly skaters surfing was also a good game….but Transworld let you paddle around famous spots like teahupoo, witches rock, Mavs, etc. You could literally paddle to different breaks at each spot which was insane. Slaters game you couldn't paddle around. But this game manages to look even worse than those games from a decade ago. How could they drop the ball so hard? Literally take the backbone from Transworld with the Polish of Slater's and you have a homerun. But I will say that this game isn't terrible. There's definitely some fun here, even if it's sloppy


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