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The Basketball Dictionary

Whatever you thought you knew about basketball think again. Hands down the best basketball terms video on the internet. Take a look and show your friends but above all……Learn. Shout out to Mr. Gaba for the inspiration to do this project.

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  1. Joan van Helvoort


  2. Abdul-Rehman Khan

    This is sick

  3. Cool!

  4. Category: Educational

  5. This video is hilarious in a good way and I actually learned something

  6. Rosie and Trellie

    anyone watching in 2018

  7. you got the important part but the FADEAWAY is missing

  8. Oml, im trying out today!🏀🏀❤🏀🏀

  9. Why this video doesn't have 10 million views?

  10. I really appreciate your effort.

  11. Anyone watching in 2017? No? Just me?

  12. This, no joke, is my new favourite video

  13. thank you guys. it really helps

  14. Oml that end though

  15. What about "the paint", "top of the key", "high post", "low post", and "post up"?

  16. thanks for the help

  17. fireandicegodgaming

    U guys stopped making videos y i love ur vids come on make more guys!!! ^^

  18. Cool video. I am studying for my Subject Area Exam FTCE FELE Test for Physical Ed. K-12 and a lot of these terms are in the test. This video helps me learn. As crazy as the video looks and as crazy as you guys are you still did an awesome job explaining the terms. You really got kicked out of the first court? HA HA!!! Awesome video.

  19. lil timmy y u crying?


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