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💰 Save $$$ buying fake sports jerseys & shirts. Football, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, NRL 💰

Are Chinese fake jerseys worth buying now? They’re a fifth of the price of a real football shirt so is it worth buying?

It’s been a few years since I did my last comparison but the quality has gotten so good that you can barely tell the difference. Can you spot the difference between a real and a fake shirt?

Ninh explains the differences between a real or fake jersey and whether or not it’s actually worth buying. If you do think it’s worth buying, he can tell you where to get them from.

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  1. The more popular the team you're supporting, the more fakes are gonna be around, and the more accurate they get to the actual thing.
    Me, a Celtic fan living overseas? Not so lucky. Celtic ain't shit compared to Premier League clubs and it shows in the accessibility of these fake kits. Every fakes I see aren't accurate enough so why bother?
    And it's not like people around where I live actually follow Celtic and watch Scottish Football (the font they currently use for letterings actually looks pretty cool too) so it's very difficult living outside the UK as a Celtic fan. My only hope is to go online and buy them from classicfootballshirts so at least there are still options for me. At least they're authentic and much cheaper to get. Skipping on kits which I don't like also helps save money. All of Celtic's kits this season are hideous bar the away kit, and that's the only one I'm getting, and it's also the first time I'm skipping on Celtic's latest home kit.

  2. that's like 80 bucks? wow soccer jerseys are cheap. A baseball jersey is like 250 bucks.

  3. The only difference in the jerseys that can be spot out without close examination and on comparison with a real one is the stitching of adidas , everytime. Except that , everything is spot on.

  4. Which teams in europe do you reccomend buying a jersey of and where (site)


    Starbucks STARSFUCK.

    Authentic fake
    Fron the last Chinese knockoff Brand video that you did

  6. Ashley Elizabeth Ziegler

    Do you have any specific shops on Ali you would recommend or groups for fake links?

  7. Ashley Elizabeth Ziegler

    The one on the right is fake. The main and easiest to spot difference is the sleeves. Also, nobody really wears jerseys anymore. They're not in style.

  8. Hey ninh ly I have one question I’m been wondering can you make a video about the national sport of the country of Afghanistan buzkashi please and if you have already covered it can you tell me the title maybe 🇦🇫 🇦🇫🇦🇫

  9. I think it's more of a "licensed" vs "unlicensed" sort of thing…..I believe they all get made in the same factories in Asia, and Adidas and Nike simply slap their seal on them and sell them for 100 dollars whereas the "fakes" are either slightly below quality standards or are snuck out the backdoor and sold on the internet….I refuse to believe that people sit around and try to imitate jerseys, especially with hundreds of factories already in place. They are to close in quality to be simply copied like those horrible 90s fakes. That's just my opinion anyways…..

  10. I like The chiefs

    Directions not clear bought a jersey and put champ on it and got “ big toe”

  11. Lol the yes please 69 was a hilarious idea. Did you come up with that?

  12. Good lol season ticket will def shut them up💀💀

  13. I honestly disagree Ninh. While I understand the economic advantages to buying a fake jersey, you should think about where the money is going towards. The horrible labor practices in China are far worse than those in Central America (assuming the real shirt is made in that region). It's between a rock and hard place since the reality is both shirts are made in horrible conditions, but I'd rather have my money go towards the lesser of two evils, and in exchange have a higher quality shirt. Expensive? Of course. But there's always opportunities to buy the shirt at a discounted price, either in new condition or used. That's just my honest take in that regard.

  14. Can you explan rules of silat?
    Btw good video.

  15. Wiffle Ball?

  16. The only little thing that tipped me off on the fake was the puckering around the stitching on the Adidas logo. Pretty darn good copies though!

  17. I think you forgot to mention how most of these Chinese counterfeit jersey operations rely on child labor…
    I guess that doesn't matter in 2019?

  18. It would be interesting to see videos on major sports league over the world

  19. can you do rules of pato which is argentina's national sport

  20. Wow I wish official jerseys were that cheap here in the USA. £64.95gbp is $81.48usd. I bought an official jersey for the AHL team Tucson Roadrunners and it was $160usd.


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