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Nike’s football boot line up has changed a lot since the beginning of 2019, and now that it looks to be settled for the rest of the year, I figured I’d share my opinions on all of them. Based on objective performance, comparisons and my own personal opinions, here is how I rank all of Nike’s current top-end boots from Best to Worst! How do you rank them?

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20 comentarios

  1. How tf you gonna put your favorite boot below another ? it’s your list so be honest, we want to hear your personal opinion on which cleats are good.

  2. Hypervenom or Phantom Venom

  3. Phantom Venom I wasn’t aware it existed 😂

  4. Levy Svela Thorsen

    like if you use vapor!

  5. Ok. But your take on legend 8 makes no sense. Performs better than L7, which you raved about, but is now the worst boot Nike makes. And worse than the ugly as sin, worthless collar, and weird lace cover phantom vsn?
    Still, you were right about adidas take downs, so I’ll keep watching

  6. Do this for Adidas but wear a Nike shirt

  7. could you wear the superfly 7 as a defender

  8. Stop killing kangaroos, use other materials please

  9. Do best budget boots

  10. I have the vapor 13, they are the best boots now,i think the vapor 13 blue are the best looking of all the vapor 13

  11. do you watch f1

  12. i feel like i’m the only one that loves the tiempo legend 8 elite, i have no problems with them after the breaking in process.

  13. I have phantom venoms and the only problem i have is with the laces. I cant normally tighten or losen them because of the lace cover

  14. Christopher Adames


  15. The thing is I just cant wear the vapors or the superflys because they are way too small for my feet so I only have limited choises

  16. Josh you looking thicc broo

  17. Make a video on your personal favourite cleats of 2019 including all the brands

  18. I truly believe the tiempo 8s are alot better than people realize. The quality and tech looks 10x better than the vision. The heel liner on the venoms isn't the greatest or the most comfortable boot. Decent boot but nothing compared to the mercs or copa 19+s especially in quality

  19. Do the same with adidas


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