In today’s video, we visit the Baseball Card Exchange in Indiana. The BBCE is widely known as the go to source for authenticated wax boxes and packs. I buy their products frequently online but always was curious about their physical store. Check out the video and see what they have!

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20 comentarios

  1. BlueMightyMorphinPRFan97

    That is my LCS.

  2. Definitely bought a lot of stuff from them over the years.

  3. I was just there yesterday great place btw

  4. Hey Eric. My son, wife and I ran into you and your brother right before you did the break at the Ebay booth at the National. We are lucky enough to live about 20-25 minutes away from BBCE. We were just there this past Saturday for National Baseball Card Day. The guy working while you were there is Joe, he's a great guy. It was nice meeting you.

  5. I bought from them once. I was charged more for shipping than the listed price. When I emailed them I never got a response. Oh well. The Facebook page has been entertaining.

  6. Such a cool store. I honestly never checked their website after all these videos you've posted. Their prices seem really reasonable

  7. That place is only 3 hours away….

  8. I don't like BBCE. The boxes they certify rarely have the "hit" card such as the 2 82 Fleer boxes we broke, which had ZERO RIPKEN ROOKIES IN 72 PACKS!

  9. i go there most of the time, live 20 minutes away

  10. I'm not a huge sports card collector but I've been to BBCE a few times. It's a nice shop and the people that work there are cool. If for some reason you ever find yourself in Northwest Indiana or the Chicago area again I'd recommend you also check out More Fun Sports Cards in Dyer. It's another nice little card shop that's only about a 10 minute drive from BBCE.

  11. Love their certified boxes!!

  12. Awesome video, never bought from there but may in the future

  13. Fantastic look at their actual brick and mortar storefront! It looks very well kept and organized!

  14. Was that a real 52 Topps Mantle in the case to the left of that Bowman Rivera?

  15. 😍 😍

  16. The liberty commercial in background

  17. Awesome, some nice cards!. Grrreat store, video & content. I thank thee for sharing all…

  18. Big Steve The Handicap Hustler

    Thanks for getting us a look at the inside of BBCE!

  19. Great video!! Love baseball card shops!! Great haul!
    Thanks for sharing!! God Bless!!

  20. The videos would be better if you got rid of the date time stamp.


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