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Palmer Johnson Sailing Yacht [Walkthrough]

Specs, Photos + Pricing: http://bit.ly/2ZFuyet

This 157′ sailing yacht was designed by Maclear & Harris and built by Palmer & Johnson in Wisconsin. She’s a tri-masted schooner built out of aluminum and capable of hosting very large private charters.

ARABELLA was once called Centurion and is U.S. Coast Guard certified to accommodate 40 guests.

For more details, contact Patrick Hopkins:
(410) 739-6765

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  1. for a 100+ foot why no pilot house? wish they put it ..kinda nice and it safe if your i rough seas. specially in stormy days

  2. Needs to be modernised however ever a great starting point.

  3. Palmer Johnson yachts were the best United States yacht builder, to bad they left for the Netherlands to build.

  4. Is she for sale or charter because 40 guests seems like a charter boat


    Always amazing quality.

  6. Not enough hammocks!! 😉
    How many times do I need to win the lottery to afford this beauty?
    I would rename her Danmark 2, after Training Ship Danmark, (a full rigged tall ship, which was used to train US Coast Guard officers during WW2)

  7. Majestic yacht and super price for such a grand vessel built by legendary yacht builder Palmer Johnson, who is celebration their Centenary this year 🍾✨ I know a buyer who will be interested 🥂💛

  8. no pilot house? what happen in bad weather/rain?

  9. Would have been nice to see her at full sail.

  10. Thanks for sharing. Not my cup of Darjeeling but some obviously like it. Cheers.

  11. Great yacht, but where do you put the main tender when causing the world?

  12. You sure do use uptalk a lot. I'm not sure whether you're sure of what you're saying.

  13. I’ll trade you my laser sailing dinghy for this, does that work?

  14. François Echardel

    not any sail up during this video?

  15. Do the Surface to Air Missile launchers come standard or do they cost extra?

  16. I love admiring these boats from a distance but would I buy one even if price was no object? Probably not…for the price of one of these, I could have my own pleasure flotilla of 60+ feet sailboats (Hansa, Beneteau or Jenneau) dotted around the world. I don't enjoy sailing with a crew onboard. One of the great joys of sailing that NONE of these sailing channels mention is being able to cross an ocean buck naked or going wild with the missus in the middle of the Pacific right there on deck.

    Furthermore a boat like this would cost 10% of it's price in maintenance alone. But then again, when you're a billionaire, none this matters I guess. I still wouldn't though…

  17. Palmer Johnson makes amazing sailing yachts!! Awesome video as always Denison Yachting!!

  18. Awesome sailing adventures 🙂 Do yall share on soSAILize ?

  19. Another stunning vessel. Another stunning video. Doe's Denison Yachting produce these videos in house, or do they "Farm" them out???

  20. For april fools you should do a 5 minute "walkthrough" of a rubber dinghy


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