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TV Sports Basketball – Amiga gameplay

Originalissima simulazione di basket della Cinemaware
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  1. Played a season with "bad boys" Detroit . Lost at the conference finals (I guess) to the mighty Cinemaware… Best of 3… Those were the days…

  2. Amazing game. Crowd dynamics!

  3. Portland was STACKED in this game.
    So was L.A

  4. if this game continue to realese as series every year like ,fifa ,nba 2k and others. Today all we would talk about this and change sports games history.

  5. I was addicted to this. I think it was one of the few games I actually bought. Remember how I hacked the player info to have me and my friends with their names in there, too. 🙂

  6. Oh the many hours I spent playing these games.

  7. Back then, I hand-copied all stats from the recent NBA season into a spreadsheet, then devised formulas to turn the stats into skills for the players… then hacked the file to have "accurate" player names, numbers, heights & stats! Michael Jordan had pretty much everything at 8 I remember… my friends & I played a FULL SEASON with 82 games at 12 mins per quarter… we got impossibly good. Too much time! Too much fun!

  8. fav basketball game ever.. well this and 2on2

  9. this was about the only sports game i ever played and really enjoyed it…awesome graphics for that time!!!!

  10. This was the best basketball video game ever in terms of a realistic stat line at the end of a game, with the exception of blocked shots.  As someone else mentioned, blocked shots was a bit out of whack and you could have guys with 15 – 20 blocks a game.  With the exception of that one flaw, it was awesome!!

  11. the centrecourt part was weird but gave you a little break so you could compose yourself! weird when you pass the ball but it doesnt pass until frontcourt screen and your guy gets the ball out of screen!

  12. what year was this game

  13. my goodness. the days and nights i wasted on this baby.

  14. great game! I have dreamed with it.

  15. I had this game on the PC, played full seasons with my dad. I would win pretty easily though lol but if i was losing, i'd turn off the computer and restart lol my dad would hate that. Good memories, great game

  16. @tickledropstop Oh yeahh my friend!! Bill!Thanks! 😉

  17. @lakislakis7 Bill Cartright?

  18. wow 20 years ago…i remember chicago had a center that couldnt jump a newspaper!!the name of him anyone??

  19. i loved it how the crowd would start getting really loud if home team scored like 10? unanswered points, and they would starting booing if the home team gets score 10 unanswered points against them.

    sometimes the computer would start to cheat too, somehow they will turn up the defense and you cant dribble past the defender in the backcourt, even if you're fresh and have a speed rating of 9 and defender is exhausted and slower speed.

    i like it how you can 'catch fire' and keep hitting 3's

  20. if a players number lights green, then it means the pass will go through 100%. If the light is red, it's maybe 50% chance. If the light is white, then its a large chance of getting turnover, but still possible of pass getting through ok.
    A flaw in this game was it was too easy to block shots. As a defender, all you had to do was hold the fire button and he will jump exactly when the player takes the shot (because he could only jump when the player takes the shot) no accurate timing was needed.


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