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Skateboarding is one of the most popular types of extreme sports. Skate can be used as the vehicle or as a sporting tool to perform various tricks. Give a like and subscribe to my channel if you liked this video.
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  1. 2:00 u cant do that u would fall i think

  2. Ich hätte nie gedacht das ein alter mann so gut ist

  3. 0:15 my favourite trick

  4. anyone know if maxwell ren had a video of a guy doing a kickflip between two large tree branches like a Y shaped tree?

  5. 2:32 skatepark name n location please?

  6. Cuando no tienes riel: bloques de cemento like wtf sick bro!

  7. 0:08 clearly thinking that skateboarding in real life is skate 3

  8. lol I am an amateur skater and I use a penny board at the moment I'm gonna get a longboard or a skateboard soon.

  9. Yoooo that old man

  10. 1:14 rodney mullen is that you

  11. 2:08 that looks fun but scary at the same time…..

  12. super disturbing when dude doesn't make it out of the tunnel

  13. Old man still the best

  14. Brain games when he was goin through the tunnel

  15. The first one was at craig skatepark in Las Vegas. My home city

  16. the first was pretty cool

  17. Nice description of skateboarding: "Skate can be used as the vehicle or as a sporting tool to perform various tricks." I also utilize the skate as my primary sporting tool of choice to perform aerial maneuvers. For secondary use, I sometimes mount the skate to use it as a transportational vehicle. (•_• )

  18. Sorry to be a mom but you should wear Helen's

  19. That one dude is so extreme he doesn't even need a skateboard. He is truly one with the board.


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