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RS Aero 9 Sailing in 35 mph winds (terrifying)

January 16, 2016, at Bird Island Basin, Corpus Christi, TX. Winds were forecasted to peak at 35 mph with the passage of a cold front. I rigged up in 5 mph winds before the front hit. Forecast said it was supposed to slowly build to 35 mph gusts, but as I launched the front hit and it suddenly jumped straight to 35 mph. Winds eventually hit some 54 mph gusts. Scary stuff. Thank goodness for the safety of Bird Island!
Dion Alaniz
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  1. Very impressive. Great video thanks 🇬🇧

  2. Yeah… In 40+ you windsurf on a board that's tiny, sinks like a stone when not fully powered up… And a sail about as small as my shower curtain

  3. Aeros look fun, but I'm sticking with my feva

  4. this seemed kind of dangerous even for a very seasoned professional sailor. glad you made it back. it just takes one puff to swing that boom into your head and kkock you out stone cold face first into the water. probably would suggest a helmet.

  5. Why would you sail an ultra-light dinghy in 35+ without even reefing down at the start? Then when it passed 35 (which is common sense limit for me, a lazer sailor) why would even go out? I learned how to sail in the North Bay of SanFran (where small craft warning are nearly daily) but I do know the read both the weather report and the weather!

  6. Hey Dion, some small tips from a Laser Sailor: Centerboard stays COMPLETELY down while sailing upwind (and for a a beginner I suggest to keep it down at all times; except while beaching, of course))! Keep your legs together, away from the tiller. Let the tiller extension rest on your steering arm (this sounds strange and takes some practice, but you will figure out).Work your body around the boat, it won`t work around you. And one more thing: You look like a big guy (probably 180 pounds?) so why on gods holy earth don´t you use the freakin` toe strap (with BOTH feet), lean out and let your body work as a counterweight to the sail pressure??? This way you can work the mainsheet tight and you will be able to tack. This is basic sailing, so you need to practice in light winds, otherwise you WILL weaken your precious sail by slapping it to death. For a guy of your size 35 knots should be no problem, so it`s all about improving your skills. By the way, I liked your video and the facepaint….

  7. Worlds worse sailor

  8. looking cool! makes me remember some sessions! 4 years ago i went out with my laser in a storm (45knots, highest gust 67knots) and I couldn't gain any height with the open sail because the leech was the only thing getting wind and turning me into the wind, had to really adjust my sailing style. downwind was totally bonkers, and my trainer had me do jibes and other ridiculous things. it was awesome, but the mast broke after 5 hours. only capsized twice that day.

  9. You must really hate that sail

  10. Last Sunday (24/04/16) there was 27-35+ knots of wind but with UGE waves in the lake (only 1.2-1.3 meters hight but REALLY RIPID ONES and REALLY CLOSE TO EACH ONE) was like "jump from wall to wall".

    Don't know exactly why but i had the "wonderful idea" to check the "speed limit of the Aero in that conditions", so i armed the 9 sail…

    Was really hard to sty on board, the wind was really inconstant and i was constantly "jumping between waves"; i capsizes twice and decided to return back…

    I capsized one more time… But unfortunately the hull was perfectly centered in the wind direction catching it PLENTY; i lost the Aero in the middle of the lake with the closest shore at AT LEAST 900 meters 🙁

    I swam back for AT LEAST 1 hour (maybe 1 and half; the Goretex dry suit DID NOT HELPED TO FLOAT OR SWIM…), using THE TOTALLY USELESS WISTLE trying to catch attention of anyone (nothing to do ofc).

    Where i landed, there was no beach but a 3 meters wall, with a little "step road" at 60 cm (that i climbed) that brought me to a gate in to a private propriety… The owners have been really kind to drive me back to the boathouse (where every one was petrified to see me return back on a luxury Audi with "purple lips" and no boat).

    Hopefully i called the authority (Carabinieri) to warn that I was fine (you know… A floating dinghy in a stormy lake with the sail on… lol… Do make you think at the worse possible scenario…). In fact they was already been alerted of the situation; the Aero HOPEFULLY landed just on front at a family on their private beach, my phone was inside the pocket at the foot strap (they used it to call the "112"…).

    So… My advice to anybody (do like i did after this experience): PUT A RETENTION STRAP BETWEEN YOU AND THE FUCKING DINGHY!!!

  11. cool camera angle having it on the sail

  12. man that made my day seeing you sit on the hull, lmao. never heard of bird island basin, how far is that from packery?

  13. Looks Fun! im guessing the strange noises were a sort of humming? The boat sings when you go really fast and have got it right.


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