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NBA stat inflation | Comparing today's players to the past

We constantly compare today’s stats to the past, but these aren’t fair comparisons. Rule changes and tactics have inflated or deflated stats in different eras. This video explores the history of those rule changes and how they have radically influenced NBA stats across different time periods, before presenting a handful of ways to adjust stats to today’s norms.

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A Visual History of Spacing: http://www.backpicks.com/2017/11/02/the-history-of-nba-spacing/

TEAM REBOUNDING: Before 1969, the NBA counted misses that were whistled dead before a live-ball rebound (“team rebounds”) in a team’s rebounding total. For instance, during the 1962 season, players were credited with 61.7 rebounds per game (per team), but teams were credited with the 71.4 per game shown in the video. After 1969, these rebounds weren’t counted in team totals and set aside as “team rebounds.” More on historical rebounding here: https://forums.realgm.com/boards/viewtopic.php?f=344&t=955514

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  1. Thinking Basketball

    Thanks for the great feedback on this. Hoping to make more stats videos in the future so it's awesome to hear positive reactions! Thanks again to Hardwood Amino — you can download the app here:
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  2. Even with the statistical "inflation" and "deflation" Wilt is number one statistically. I believe in today's rules Wilt would have murdered everyone in his path! Considering today improvements in conditioning and nutrition he might have come in at 350 lbs conditioned? Just to note even in his day he was a superbly conditions athlete! 48 minutes per game!!!

  3. I love the Cousins face on here.

  4. Didn't Westbrook average a triple double with over 30 points a game. Surely that's better than Giannis

  5. 2 steps used to be traveling. You were allowed 1 and a half steps on a layup. Meaning the second foot couldn't touch the floor before you let go the ball. When dribbling you couldn't raise the second foot at all. Just one step allowed. And Earl "The Pearl" Monroe was the first to cup the ball and put it behind his back. Long before Isaiah

  6. So basically what you're saying is Luka had the best rookie season of all-time.

  7. We've got to work on the traveling rules. That "gather" step is a load of bowl-og-na.

  8. like Wilt said if he had a chance to compete in his prime during the 90s, "are you kidding me? It would be a joke."

  9. Blew my mind. Right now, I can see why analytics are so important, things at which players and media laugh at. Appreciate the time you spent munching the numbers and making the vid.

    Also, Daryl Morey just got the last laugh on the scorer claim XD

  10. 3:09 of course the Bulls get away with traveling

  11. Great video second time watching it

  12. But what if an era was more talented? To adjust it to other eras would be unfair

  13. Kobe and jordan and wilt need there own chart lol 😆

  14. Shooting 3 points is not easy. Require insane amount of practice. You have to consider players not defending well in regular seasons

  15. So basically the game was played right until black people came in and did illegal things?

    Sounds fair enough to me. I'll take it.

  16. Could you do a Kobe vs. LeBron comparison using inflation-adjusted stats?

  17. So Chamberlain is about the same compared to the top high volume scorers of today

  18. Someone should show this to Nick Wright and the clowns at ESPN, Fox, and other sports channel out there. This guy is a real basketball analyst!

  19. Now Harden's 8 steps is the norm.


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