**SWEAR WORD WARNING** . This is my favourite video we have made. It bestirs in me both nostalgia and an overwhelming sense of anticipation/adventure. Let us know some of your favourite memories of Sailing La Vagabonde in the comment section! We spent weeks looking through all of our old hard drives and we definitely got emotional a number of times. So much has happened in 4 years it blows my mind.

Now some people will undoubtedly say something along the lines of missing the old boat which we of course do but its a bit like an ex-girlfriend kind of thing where your now really happy but don’t want to make your ex feel bad by plastering how happy you are all over social media because thats a bit of a dick thing to do but its actually how you feel and therefore the truth which you shouldn’t feel bad about or avoid but its a bit of a complicated situation and so you play it down a little but your still pretty stoked. We had a great time together but we are much happier now and it was definitely for the best for everyone.

Did you like the song???
Song Credits: Lindsay Baffo – Rows of Bones

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20 comentarios

  1. This is probably the most epic video on youtube!

  2. Timothy O’Connor

    #Under fuckin rated 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Thank you for sharing – today I needed to escape the moment, bring peace to my inner self and searched "sailing videos" – yours was the first to come up – as a result my blood pressure is down, my perspective is up – love to live……………

  4. I like it too.

  5. LOVE this four years in review video! EPOCH!

  6. I have to share this, I was watching Finding Avalon Sailing video and you look just like the lady on their video. I think anyway. Take a look and let me know. I really love your videos!

  7. Waste of life:)))

  8. Machine Gunner Charlie

    Simply beautiful, life is beautiful. Keep smilin' yall.

  9. Im jelly fish jealous:)

  10. This is why my artist name is Little Sailboat. The whimsical, fun, and ambitious adventure that comes with sailing. Loved the song you had playing in this video too! You guys may enjoy my work! If you look up Little Sailboat, I recently released an instrumental EP titled Four Movements. I think you'd enjoy it!!

  11. It couldn't have happened to two better people. What a beautiful life you have created for yourselves.

  12. What is this song

  13. Sooooo….. AwEsOmE.

  14. I must say you look so much better with a little meat on your bones. Just saying that from old pics to current videos.

  15. 😍😍😍

  16. I will forever love this video 🙂 I hope that one day I will have enough sailing memories to makes something this special

  17. I don’t see how this one only has 185k views. I’ve watched it at least twice that much! Still by far my favorite video so far, keep it up!

  18. This is called soulmates. ☺


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