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Jesus Christ skates for your SINS! 🔥🙏😎

Join your LORD as he celebrates the GLORIOUS return of Easter Sunday! Spread the good word, our LORD is on Youtube!

Jesus’ socials:

http://www.socalchrist.com [merch] http://www.instagram.com/socalchrist

Have Jesus perform a miracle for you on Fiverr!:

all ad-sense and superchat money from this channel goes to Aussie Rescue SoCal (a non-profit charity): https://goo.gl/eyNGtk

Song: Home – Resonance

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20 comentarios

  1. Imam Tawhidi, Christian version


  3. I sent this to my pastor.

  4. 1000 Subs By Comments

    The Romans made a huge mistake.

  5. Jesus the son of god (prays)

  6. Song: HOME-Resonance

  7. Fuck you stop fuckin be tending to be Jesus u fuckin ass hole

  8. This is why I go to church

  9. You are obviously the fake Jesus cmon guys

    He’s obviously god himself

  10. Jesus Christ as the unlockable character in the next Tony Hawk Pro Skater game, PLEASE!! 🙏

  11. Ppl stop playing with Jesus keep doing this u can be punished for ur whole life watch out who ur messing with

  12. Thank you, Jesus. Very cool.

  13. The Dragon Ball Fanatic

    2017 was the best yea for Jesus. Now hes in all this court stuff and its just sad. I hope he will be able to get out of the church that caused him problems so many years ago and is coming back. Love ya Jesus

  14. when Jesus carried his cross the last and final time I died lmaoo

  15. I am now converting to Christian

  16. Fuck it, Jesus on da longboard today.

  17. Jaime Lorenzo Del Rosario Diaz De Rivera

    in another universe, jesus may have faked his death and grinded rails down golgotha like a pro

  18. bless you Jesus


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