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Backpacking Noosa and Kayaking the Everglades! 🦋 Australia Travel Vlogs

Welcome to Noosa..! From the Eumundi markets, to beautiful fairy pools, to kayaking the Everglades, I really really loved Noosa. I kept saying I could imagine myself living there, so who knows 🤷‍♀️😉

INCRED hostel in Noosa: Halse Lodge. The loveliest staff and the most beautiful jungle vibes. https://halselodge.com.au
Kayaking company: https://www.kanukapersaustralia.com

We visited Noosa National Park, the Eumundi Markets, Noosa beach and town and the Everglades! I highly recommend this beautiful town. I want to bring my whole family to explore 🌟
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  1. i love you i love you please wear sunblock, bring sunglasses and a hat!

  2. I know this is a bit late but ahhhhhhhh!!! I go to the Eumundi Markets and Noosa all the time, to think that I almost could have met you!!!

  3. I really enjoy watching your video. Nice place. Enjoy meal.new friend help me 4000watch hourm

  4. I would love to do a travel video with you some time. To a destination of your choice as I'm just starting

  5. Really beautiful video and I hope you can return to Australia and do the remote West Coast of Australia It is like as if you are in another country You have explored Rainbow beach by 4WD There is a ship wreck their and coloured sands and some people hand glide there Best of luck with your travels

  6. I went to Noosa, I travelled from Cairns down the Gold Coast to Sydney. Out of all the places I went Noosa Heads was my favourite, makes me so sad seeing this video cause I just wanna go back soooooo badly 😭😍


  8. I live like 30 mins from Noosa and yes it is the greatest place on earth and everyone should go there

  9. hhahahah I was laughing soo hard at the noosa rockpools part!! SAMEE. I lived there fore a year, and it was absolutely amazing. By the way, just found your channel and I think you're absolutely brilliant. I wish you the best at Minerva!

  10. You should bring chlorine tablets in case of situations like this. You wouldn't use it for cooking but for drinking water, just to be extra safe

  11. As someone who lives 30 minutes from Noosa its so funny to see this video. Noosa is so beautiful but the people from Noosa are known to be so snobby – its a great place to visit though

  12. I was a nervous wreck watching you swim in the Everglades THERE ARE PYTHONS AND ALLIGATORS IN THEREEEE 😭

  13. Love you btw u make me laugh so much 😂❤️❤️

  14. You have the prettiest hair 😭❤️

  15. When I did Noosa I found out that if you go to the fairy pools when the tide is not at its highest the waves don’t come crashing in! I was fortunate as when I went the waves came in calmly every now and then 😊

  16. I really want to go backpacking rn 😩😍

  17. I think sunburnt eyes are a Brit thing…all the Aussie will get that joke and everyone else will think I’m being super racist

  18. How do you know there was no alligators/crocs in the water?

  19. Also how did you not get sunstroke without having a hat? Xx


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