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How Skateboards Are Made: Inside the DSM Premium Woodshop with Globe

How Skateboards Are Made: Inside the DSM Premium Woodshop with Globe

http://pixvid.me/GlobeWoodshop Globe takes you behind the scenes of their DSM Premium Woodshop to show you the skateboard making process from start to finish. This process is used to make Almost, Enjoi, Speed Demons, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Superior, Dusters, and Globe skateboards.

Shop Globe at Zumiez here: http://pixvid.me/GlobeWoodshop

Zumiez was founded in 1978 in Seattle, WA as a skateboard and snowboard retail shop. Since opening its doors back then, Zumiez has grown to over 500 retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. Shop online or visit the Zumiez store near you for the best skateboard gear, snowboard gear, clothing, accessories, and more from your favorite brands.
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  1. fuck zumiez

  2. This is what we call a "market skateboard" in Finland

  3. Also the worst skateshoes ever. Actually I belive Axion or NSS were better than GLOBE.

  4. 1:00 logs from the great lakes region? then what? shipped all the way to china? 0:18 and every other shot of the factory with faceless workers.

  5. Premium woodshop lol
    It's a sweat shop in China.

  6. Didn't know Globe expanded beyond shoes. I miss my mojo's from 15 years ago.

  7. I've been skateboarding for 30 years… I've never once heard of these people.

  8. Samacomedyeiriku

  9. When will they reissue Mullens shoes

  10. This reminded me of the documentary of Dirk Diggler..

  11. no concern for material toxicity? or for what happens to the deck after it is broken and must poison our landfills or our homes? No concern for the energy types used to make these decks? Otherwise it all looks good.

  12. Crap factory

  13. Am i hearing this correctly?he said "from our office in Los Santos",i played it a couple of times,it does say Los Santos hahaha,GTA for life man!!!

  14. the prowler is so awfull, shape and trucks, just crap

  15. powell rules still!

  16. so today I stepped in a skateboard shop after a few years and I couldn't believe most of the decks are made in China…

  17. so why does my board say "Made in China"?


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