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411 #16 (1996)

0:00 Intro
2:10 Chaos
6:25 Rookies: Bob Burnquist
9:09 Wheels of Fortune: Danny Montoya
10:54 Contest: Tampa
15:28 Profile: Jeff Taylor
17:22 Wheels of Fortune: Frank Gerwer
19:05 Industry: NC Shop
21:53 Profile: Ron Whaley
25:36 Wheels of Fortune: Jason Womack & Wayne Patrick
27:20 Spot Check: Trabuco Hills High School
29:29 Brothers: Laban & Eric Pheidias
31:17 Wheels of Fortune: Brad Staba
32:53 Industry: Channel One
37:53 Profile: Kris Markovich
40:47 Credits
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  1. lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    Raven and Eric are so cute,I thought they were a couple not brothers at first.

  2. Damn that Ron Whaley dude was sick. His style reminds me of Brian Anderson.

  3. This came out right after Mouse. I couldn`t stand it, honestly. I couldn`t help but be enormously disappointed. Bleak in comparison is not even the word.. That`s how my teenage mind received 411 issue 16, that`s all.

  4. Shout out to nc boardshop in los gatos. 408 NorCal all day.

  5. I like to give a shot out to all my hommies from the GGK and SKA crew

  6. Had all these in the 90s every 411 volume made good shit

  7. Bob Burnquist

  8. Freaking bringing me back love it

  9. Wrong cover but good upload.

  10. Gershon mostly the chocolate football

  11. 11:14 Steve Olson was doing this trick 20 years before Shane O'Neill

  12. TruthHipHopConsciousness

    $1000 nosepick

  13. Антон Кириллов

    dat's style !

  14. that final clip is troy the dirty Aussie…block city….  Its funny how life slowly reveals itself in pieces.

  15. this shit is too fucking sick… this is some good skating right here

  16. mr. putyourbodybaginabodybag

    30:58, that fakie Ollie north is the illest, what!!!

  17. laban is thee funniest!

  18. Thank you for up loading

  19. I know how good skaters are nowadays but I think in the 90s, skaters had more passion in their skating. Skating was so fun back then! Miss it so much.

  20. "Ryan Sumner"


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