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Surfing Dogs

We were so stoked to be at the Unleashed by Petco Surfing Dog Competition that happened in Huntington beach.

This was a fun hot summer day with dogs, kids, food and lots of waves.

The event also takes place in Imperial Beach, which we’ve also attended before. The Imperial Beach event is the original surf dog competition.

Check our video on that:

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20 comentarios

  1. Dog: I can surf

    Pig: hold my beer

  2. am i the only one here because of that vrbo ad

  3. this is wholesome

  4. guess they can really doggy paddle huh

  5. thanks youtube for recommending this lmao

  6. The moment I realized I suck at surfing

  7. I expected the video to be people using dogs as surfboards… thumbs down

  8. these dogs can surf better than me…
    but is this safe??

  9. Tous simplement magnifique

  10. These dogs surf quads better than me

  11. Poor dogs we don't deserve them

  12. This is going to be on Daily Dose Of Internet

  13. Sven must be proud

  14. My anxiety levels are off the chart right now

  15. Who would not like this video tho

  16. My dog : breaks board

  17. what a holy experience

  18. At 3:03 did anyone else see that dog limp


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