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FATHER SON SKATEBOARDING! /New Smaller Board For Kids!

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It’s time for a trip to the skatepark to skateboard! It was super fun testing out this smaller deck with Ryden! We had a blast too of course. We hope you enjoyed hanging out with us. See you soon for more videos!

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  1. I don't have a skateboard

  2. Hi ryden

  3. Do a bolted flip at the park

  4. Hi😊😊😊

  5. How do you know what skateboard size you are

  6. Ryland inspires to try more tricks on a skateboard because I'm always scared to fall and I'm 8 and hes 5

  7. Mike and Angie Bortness

    i can skate

  8. Data was funny

  9. You and Ryden inspired me to learn how to skateboard

  10. Please leave a like on that comment to make me feel better plz

  11. I hit my head on my drive way cement today and my head bounced on the cement and it hurt badly

  12. Yo I love your channel ❤️ from australia

  13. 😮👌👏

  14. Good man

  15. Get off I’m unactive

    I went online to check out his decks and I saw “youth skateboard” so I clicked (BECAUSE IM LITERALLY A CHILD) and so once I got in I saw the boards and thought they were fingerboards, not gonna lie. 😂

  16. That’s ok

  17. It’s ok


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