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Dragon Ball Super ( Baseball Death-Match )

God vs Saiyan
Saiyan vs Yamcha
Yamcha vs God
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  1. The "Yamcha is Useless" and "Piccolo is Best Dad" jokes are as bland, dead and trashy as the people that continue to make them.

  2. 1:36 at this moment I felt that

  3. I'm fucking DEAD after seeing Yamcha's face at 2:53

  4. the fact that yamcha got just a bit hurt from champas shot proves just how powerful he is. Honestly champa could do the same to to a solar system and it would be completely erased, yet yamcha just gets hurt from it. Man's a god

  5. Bando de cuzao

  6. And Yamcha STILL got the base after getting beat up by Vegeta and Champa, because they didn't tag him with the ball 🍸😎

  7. Yamcha is cute at the thumbnail

  8. its a miracle that yamcha survived that game lmao

  9. Goku and Vegeta kill me in this episode😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mostly Vegeta

  10. Im proud of him

  11. Yamcha vẫn mãi là Yamcha 😂

  12. 0:54 Yamcha's face XD

  13. Mr Fantastic yellow

    I feel bad for yamcha 😂

  14. Sparrows and Starfish

    Yamcha is getting Yamchaed all over the place

  15. Possibly my favorite Super episode of all time!!! I adore Yamucha so much, but I have to admit our petite saiyajin prince looks hella good in that uniform 😂

  16. Yamcha is probably the best baseball player on the planet. Problem is, when your friends can erase galaxies, no one gives a shit about your batting average

  17. DB Super is so dumb that TFS needs make it serious…

  18. スライドガラス


  19. It's Ironic how most the people who diss Yamcha has never even wathced the original Dragon Ball and realized that he's actually a badass

  20. Ball has god ki


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