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BEST kiteboarding and windsurfing epic fails, crashes, and kooks

Kiteboarders and windsurfers in La Ventana Meixco crash, fail, and act like kooks.
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  1. what the fuck is wrong with you? 497 likes? Why?
    Hope i will never met this guy from the beginning. What a douchebag…

  2. how did you not get copyright strike?

  3. An asshole introduction and repetitions in your compilations…. DISLIKE

  4. Ring… ring… Its the RIAA, we would like our royalties for playing our music in your video… Dude, go find a cover version of that song before you have a lawsuit on your hands. This video is getting some serious air play.

  5. 0:46 LOL! I can‘t take it anymore.. that’s actually enough already

  6. fun fact – nearly every other brand in this video, except best, is still in business… 😉

  7. I guess this place should be called The Kook Beach or The Kook's Dream…

  8. Great video but yeah when people first start this is normal. Also, why I hate kiting with more than 3-5 people. Way too much traffic on a session.

  9. I think with proper instruction most of these fails could have been avoided. most of them were inexperienced kiters.

  10. Best Kiteboardig ? 😉

  11. These are barely fails, more like "people learning to kiteboard" or just title the video douchey kiteboarding elitism

  12. this youtube poster is stupid and misleading waste of bandwidth ..beating around the bush !!!!!! Get off the stage you are wasting everyones fucking time

  13. gota start somewhere I suppose.

  14. Pretty sure this video was a fail according to more dislikes

  15. I'm pretty sure that one of the prerequisites to get into this "sport" is being a douche bag.

  16. ER…this is what happens to most people when they start off with kitesurfing…get used to crashes, wipeouts and twisted lines and slamming the kite on the water….lot of snobbery in this sport, but suppose this is what its like in most things when you are starting out….

  17. if you fill up with hilium ???

  18. OMG BEST SPORT <3 🙂 LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER kITEBOARD <3

  19. What a bunch of dribbling Muppets. I wish our sport had remained dangerous enough for these mouth breathers to be scared away. The unfortunate reality now that the barriers to entry have gone is I now have to share the local beach with 100's of them and dodge their flaccid kites as they pull on one or other side of their bars in terror.


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