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Five Things Every Golfer Should Have In Their Bag

Tour pros chime in on common amateur equipment mistakes while Rick Young recommends basic gear needs for every golfer.

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  1. Stating the bleeding obvious

  2. i love the guys who have brand new top of the line everything , ….and shoot 145

  3. Cigar cutter and cigar lighter

  4. good video. terrible list.

  5. Well that was time I'll never get back

  6. I had high hopes for this video

  7. Yeah clubs are expensive as fuck so it's not easy for most people to just get new ones all the time

  8. Drive for show putt for dough has been proven false now

  9. This is the problem with Golf, it costs to much money to get into it… and the pros say you need to buy modern equipment, it's like £2000 + course fees just to get started…

  10. Five things every golfer should have in their bags:

    1.) Clubs
    2.) Balls
    3.) Golf glove
    4.) Tees
    5.) Beer

  11. So basically…just make more money

  12. Great Video with Excellent suggestions.
    Well done, Not a Waste to Watch.

  13. Stewart Cink talking about a Weekend Golfer who doesn't have the "Newest" Club. Weeelll We don't get our OVERPRICED Sht 4 FREE Like u do "Mr. Cink"!!

  14. I normally manage to cram a whole 12 pack in my "shoe" pocket in my bag

  15. Water gum, weed, beer, painkillers.

  16. the five things you should have are the beers from the six pack you started

  17. 0:41 that swing dodo who agrees

  18. No 1 a spliff or two

  19. Christopher McCarthy

    Clubs, tees, balls, glove, and beer!


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