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Greatest Catches in MLB History

Greatest Catches in MLB History

By far the best catches in MLB History, let me know if I missed one and I am sorry if I did.
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  1. Hey! Ron Swaboda with the 69 Mets. His catch against Pittsburgh?

  2. Victorcoski Martínez

    Need slow motion

  3. 3:14 That catch actually kinda changed baseball for years because that all star game ended in an 11 inning tie. Then MLB made a new rule so the winning league of the all star game got home field advantage in the World Series which maybe changed the outcome of a World Series. The rule is gone now but it might of influenced a World Series or few

  4. this is like watching the special olympics when you compare it to watching the best catches in cricket

  5. Wheres Paul Stanley's climbing tiger stadium wall? 1968 check it out will u.

  6. There has been several better homerun stopping catches by the brewers, last season and this season that were better than half of these, why were they not in it

  7. You missed the greatest one, Otis Nixon. On the replay, notice how many steps he takes before he launches up the wall, never looking. How did he know when to jump? I still can’t believe what I saw there. https://youtu.be/WSHzGtPx8zo

  8. Jim Edmunds could have his own video of these type of catches. Where are some of Lenny Dykstra's stretched out catches??

  9. Verlander getting kate Upton was a great catch

  10. The best catch of all time… 1.26 by gary matthews jr.
    Was incredible catch!

  11. They should be wearing brown uniforms because

  12. Kirby Puckett catch in the 6th game of the World Series does not make it to this list? Throw it in the garbage.

  13. OK OK OK what happened to Otis Nixon's catch, With the most Impact on the game! I forget what year it was I could Google it, so I did! 1992.. .

  14. No Bo Jackson or Otis Nixon? Not a complete list

  15. You just knew Ichiro had to be in there!

  16. when you catch a ball and land in the outfield seats, nice catch but its not an out, he's out of play and its a home run. when did that rule change?

  17. In MLB history? So the MLB only goes bsck about 20 years? Wow, I wonder what I was watching in the 50s, 60s, and 70s?

  18. Jeter's bullshit throwing himself in the stands catch has no business in this video, seriously

  19. Kenny lofton?


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