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Longboard Wheels on a Skateboard!

Skateboarding is always tons of fun

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  1. “so no head.”


  2. You look like Thom Yorke (The lead singer of Radiohead)

  3. Two days agoi put my longboard wheels on my skateboard just for fun…and i honestly think I’m gonna ride like this…

  4. 2:26 with the music lol

  5. I love longboard wheels on my short deck. Great for cruising with added maneuvering. The added weight makes street tricks difficult. It's like jogging with weights on your ankles.

    Skate with longboard wheels for a week, then switch back. That's how I learned the double kickflip.

    Great vid!

  6. I’m getting a some long board wheels for street riding

  7. Just the video i was looking for.. 👌🏻👏🏻

  8. You need riser pads

  9. Sewer Board. Doing this since 7th grade. Mad lit

  10. I live in a hilly town with mostly bumpy sidewalks. I am looking to do tricks and also to cruise around. Should I use regular wheels for tricks then switch to cruise wheels for cruising or should I use cruisers the whole time?

  11. Im dying at 2:25

  12. Naked bearings 👀

  13. Thank you!!!

  14. tall glass of whiskey sauce

    Reason why you should work out or have strong as legs that you can leg press 500 lbs so you wont fuck up your face when going off high shit you shouldn't go down off

  15. My dad used to use these. He said that they’re better than the wheels I have now, so I’m thinking on getting longboard wheels when I get the money.

  16. Haahahahaha RIP his board😂😭

  17. I have 2 cruiser wheels. One is 78a, the other 88a. And pretty much, i want something to skate with. Would softer wheels still be able to do ollies and flip tricks? Or would I need something harder

  18. I was using my friends skateboard today and I was wondering which wheel type is easier to get comfortable on as a beginner


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