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Using MBB Longboard Racks with your Stand Up Paddleboard

Many people use our MBB Longboard Racks to carry their Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs). The racks feature our patent pending quick release bars for removal when not in use, and the stable frame mounting makes them a good match for SUPs when the following things are considered:

– we recommend the racks for use with boards up to about 25 lbs.
– you need adequate handlebar clearance to clear your SUP. This typically means you need a beach cruiser style handlebar
– you may have to bend the bars open a bit. The bars have just under 4 inches of clearance in them, but can easily be bent open to about 5 inches which fits most SUPs

Purchase here: https://www.movedbybikes.com
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  1. ya i dont.have bungee chords with my kit, it never came.with it or said i should buy some

  2. Esta una chimba la idea, un nuevo metodo que facilitara la vida de los que practican paddle board, saludos desde la paz baja California sur México parceros 👍


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