The official USA SKATEBOARD OLYMPIC TEAM! This is awesome, Nyjah Huston of course is in it, but the rest is dope as well. Enjoy! As i’m uploading this, the Berrics just uploaded a video similar, haha, tight!

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  1. Sorry but you've just lost all credibility with me… you've never heard of alex sorgente, tristan rennie, etc. ? You've obviously never watched a park contest in the last 5 years… You should stick with making content that you know a bit about…

  2. Liam Pace should have gotten on the team.😔

  3. None of the baker boys or others cant skate for usa cuz of drug testing this will b the weakest usa team

  4. If this was 15-20 years earlier. all you would need to do is get all the skater from the tony hawk video games but their probably to old now

  5. The Japanese government has officially announced that it will provide food to athletes from various countries participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 by making agricultural products and various kinds of food products produced in Fukushima where the nuclear power plant exploded. The Japanese government is in the position to announce to the world that agricultural products, livestock products and seafood produced in Fukushima are safe from misunderstandings of contamination of radioactivity.

  6. Even if im a bmxer,i LOVE IT
    (Im a skater too)

  7. Dudes are going to have a lot of fun at Olympic Village

  8. They don’t pay much for the olympics

  9. PsyQo Hippy | Chris

    USA vs Brazil vs Japan vs France probably… RIP Canada :c

  10. No P-Rod, Sheckler, Jamie Foy? Come on dog I want to win! Curren Caples Def should have been on the park team

  11. yeah theres not gonna be any freestyle… thank god

  12. Where TF Spencer Barton is >:V

  13. Are you allowed to smoke weed and be on an olympic team? if not alot of skaters cant compete… but again Chris Joslin is riding for USA and that dude smokes a ton

  14. skateboarding is not an athletic sport never has been never will! growing up I hated sports especially team sports. get it right you stupid fuxx

  15. I tried looking up Alexis sleblown and nothing pops up

  16. this is everything i hoped skateboarding would never become

  17. Maurice D. Alexander

    could have put the link in the description – also you must not watch bowl contests haha

  18. Don't get me wrong I love skateboard but its stupid that people are just now think it"cool"

  19. Its art not a fucking sport it never was cool and its not a "sport"

  20. I'm honestly a bit surprised at Joslin in the mix. The dude is insane on the board, but strikes me as a "best trick" type of dude.
    I don't watch every tournament, but feel like the ones I see him in he lays down a solid, middle of the road run, but then just throws himself at one HUGE gnarly trick with hopes of nailing it, but usually struggles to land the dream run.


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