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Black pearl. Trailer.

Unique project, fantastic design, speed and elegance, brand-new Y-712 on Louis XIX channel

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  1. All that has been put on the drawing board has been done before, mate you got ripped big time lol mm how many countries had sailing a long time ago lol oh well hes Russian lol probably never seen a sail boat. i bet there were a lot of people rubbing their hands together on this seriously. I already dreamt this one up, I'm onto the next one now, its going to have three hulls, no sail, all electric, none of this 15 knots etc much faster but with minimal effort on the propulsion side, more of the design involved, the technology is already there, but people are not using it, some are revisiting it slightly, but not to its full potential, and its in plain sight, people are just not observant at all, it's the same for everything in life people just don't want to use their brain, or are just too pig headed and think they are always right.

  2. when your so rich your yacht doesn't touch the water 2:46

  3. I want to see you sail this yacht across the Screaming 60's, all the way to the ice limit. Do you have the courage, or is this thing a rich man's toy? For my part, I would pay good money to watch a feature-length movie of such a voyage.

  4. Why would we not get to see the engine room?

  5. OMG there's thin flexible solar panels on the sails? i mean come on… so this is all just a joke to milk a bunch of rich investors? because for real… those flimsy solar panels, twisting in the wind, rubbing against themselves each time you lower them, under a constant layer of salt, and bearing the full load of the sail's aerodynamic performace… they are not going to last one month…

  6. @4:37 there's a sacrificial pleb up there crawling on the wet pole, wiping it with a cloth not wearing a harness, helmet, or even proper work clothes…
    is this europe? their mexicans sure look whiter…

  7. @2:36 what happens when the boat designer get asked one time too many whether the masts are not too tall for the boat…

  8. So you build a bigger boat so you can heel more for comfort

  9. so they copy and pasted the Maltese falcon. that's cute.

  10. Titillating, yes. Informative, not so much

  11. Rich peoples reusable energy programs are unsustainable cause they depend on poor people who can't afford to use reusable energy in the first place. this is just white people trying to make themselves feel better

  12. Queches, Sloops, Galleons and other sailing ships be like: it’s rewind time.


  14. Does it have any real practical vlaue

  15. I like the sails, like the Chinese junk. 🙂

  16. imagine how many sacrifice inside that boat

  17. …a boat this bitchin i would want to sail all by my self

  18. It's a rebranded Maltese Falcon?

  19. A direct copy of the Maltese falcon,Rip off! Half the world just wants clean water,then you got these pricks with more money than consciences!Hope the fucker hits a ww2 mine!

  20. Italian translation, per favore.


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