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force 5 sailing new

finally an edited video of me sailing my force 5 on smith lake.

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  1. Had one of these in the 80's, this was the most fun you could have on the water

  2. Had a Force 5 many, may years ago. I barely knew how to sail. It was way too much sail space for the boat for me to handle.

  3. I am selling a Force 5 to someone who has property on Smith Lake. They could use some help with the rigging etc. Are you still on Smith Lake and could you help?

  4. I'm looking at getting a Force 5 from a man on Craigslist.
    This is very exciting, considering I've only sailed a Sunfish (many times) and a Flying Scott (once) before. 😀

  5. thanks for watching. hasn't been a windy summer here this year.

  6. I had one in the 70s and really enjoyed it. Then I sold it to my cousin and his kids enjoyed it for years.
    Thanks! Good memories.

  7. cool, nice to know there is another force 5 in the state.

  8. Smith Lake? In Alabama? Just got an 83 Force 5 From Lake Martin for my 12 year old's birthday. In the process of cleaining it up.

  9. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it. You can leave it alone at first until you get ready for more control. The traveler allows you ease the main but remain sheeted in. If it's really windy you can keep you sail tight but let out the traveler to keep from getting overpowered. you can check out my traveler settings in the video.

  10. Hello! I just got my force 5 today! I am not personally used to using a traveler. Is it on to just not use it and leave it in the middle?

  11. @ageOFpiratesPLAYER it's a force 5.

  12. @eltaddah thanks, I was trying to make it feel like you were out on the boat with me.

  13. Well done video. You did great showing the joy of sailing.

  14. @vikingwhite that's great ! it's good to see another force 5 rescued. Glad you enjoyed the video.

  15. Fun video. I'm rehabing a very old Force 5 and enjoyed seeing it in action! Thanks!

  16. @pbr2424
    1. Assemble mast on ground/dock/where ever.
    2. Slide sail over mast.
    3. Place mast and sail into boat.
    4. When you are ready to sail, attach the tack of the sail to the outhaul on the end of the boom (note that this is also what holds the boom to the mast)

    It is easiest to do this from a beach where you can put everything together then just pull the boat into the water and jump in.

  17. there is a lifejacket on the boat, I only wear if it's really blowing.

  18. @FluffanutterSandwich damn i got a 76 also

  19. @sbs123ish they're pretty similar, I looked at both. I went with the force 5 because it is more comfortable and they are less expensive. the laser is a much larger class, if you were into racing.

  20. How do you get the sail on the mast with it being sleeved and set it up in the wind to launch or beach the boat. Simple questions but new to me.
    Thank You


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