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How to Care for Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves

When a goalkeeper steps into the box, there might be no piece of equipment more important than their gloves. These gloves are specially designed to increase grip while protecting a goalie’s hands.
But if you want to help make sure these gloves perform at a high level, you will need to take proper care of them. Proper cleaning and maintenance could help extend the life of your gloves. Find out how with these soccer goalie glove maintenance tips.
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  1. I bought a pair of gloves from you guys two days ago and they are already getting destroyed. The material on the palm is wearing after two days. I dont have a ton of money

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  3. This is actually very helpful. My old gloves ripped quickly since i washed them in a wrong way and kept rubbing them together while washing and i got up from ground on my palms instead of fists and i only washed them once. On new gloves i used ur advice and its really effective. Thx

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