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Cruising the Potomac River to Washington DC on a Tartan 37 Sailboat S2Ep18

We sail up the Potomoc River over three days anchoring along the way in some cool spots including in front of George Washington’s home at Mt Vernon. Then stay on a mooring ball right in the middle of DC with a view of the Washington Monument. We tour all the historic sights. Then we spend two days heading back toward the Chesapeake with an anchorage in the Wicomico River and finally at Smith Creek near the mouth of the Potomac.

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  1. Fantastic vlog! Never thought about taking a sailboat up the Potomac to D.C. what a great cruising destination. What are you using for your camera? I’m impressed with the audio quality.

  2. Glad to see you posting again. I have a few questions about your dinghy. Do you like the portabote? Would you rather have an inflatable? How do you determine if you will carry it on deck vs the Davits? Have you had any near misses in moving the engine to the dinghy? Best wishes, Jim

  3. Thanks for the fun! Y'all should have done a 10 second reboot of the Mall scene from Forest Gump! Jennnnyyyy! Forest? lol

  4. Thanks for sharing. Amazing how many secluded anchorages there are in such a busy area.

  5. Thanks for the vid. Looks like a nice voyage. What type of current and traffic did you run into?

  6. Another great video! Thank you!

  7. You two look like you enjoy wherever you are at the moment. Such great attitudes.

  8. Sail Oria complete refit

    George was integral in designing DC and laid the corner stone at the capital…fyi!!! Anothet great episode guys and tacos….wooo hooo…favorable winds!


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